Highway Construction Projects

Atkinville Interchange Project

This project was completed 1 year ahead of schedule and with a perfect safety record; at this time it is one of the largest dirt projects for UDOT in Southern Utah. This project also included the realignment of the Atkinville Wash, the new wash was approx. 180' wide at the top and 60' wide in the bottom with an average of 30' depth.

Owner: UDOT
Owner Representative: Lief Condie
General Contractor: Wadsworth Brothers Construction
General Contractor Contact: Mike Davies
Project Value: $12,800,000.00
Completion Date: 6/2009
Roadway Excavation: 705,000/C.Y.
Borrow: 452,070/C.Y.
Embankment For Bridge: 140,000/C.Y.
Granular Borrow: 175,350/C.Y.
UTBC, Type II: 58,500/C.Y.
Rip Rap: 4,000/C.Y.
Gabion Baskets: 4,300/C.Y.
Change Orders: $125,000.00 (Contract Value increase due to additional scope of work which was not counted as actual Change Order value).

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