Leigh Hill Water Storage Project

This reservoir was constructed on top of a lava outcropping in Cedar City, Utah. Previously the reservoir was constructed and failed to hold water. The State of Utah and Cedar City Corporation monitored this project very closely, and as of today the observation wells have shown NO leakage.

Owner: Cedar City Corporation
Owner Representative: Kit Wareham
General Contractor: Mel Clark Inc.
Project Value: $2,750,000.00
Completion Date: 10/2008
Excavation: 225,000/C.Y.
Clay Liner: 41,000/C.Y.
HDPE Liner: 454,000/S.F.
Rip Rap: 4,500/C.Y.
Observation Box/ Inlet Outlet Structures
Change Orders: $0.00 (Contract Value increase due to additional scope of work which I did not count as actual Change Order value).



Parowan Sewer Lagoons

Owner: Parowan City
Engineer: Alpha Engineering
Engineer Contact: Wayne Thomas
Project Value: $1,900,000.00
Completion Date: 10/2009
Excavation: 188,300/C.Y.
Clay Liner: 2,166,490/S.F.
Rip Rap: 332,440/S.F.
Sewer Lift Station
12″ Sewer Pipe: 4,100/L.F.
Change Orders: $5,000.00 Due to design changes

The purpose of this project was to replace the old sewer lagoons that were leaking the State DWQ required the City of Parowan to replace the old system. As of today the only leakage of the new lagoons is from evaporation. The clay liner’s Mel Clark Inc. installed has sealed the new ponds with no leakage.